The History of the All-American Bowl

The All-Americann Bowl was founded in 1996 to promote the sport of football, give players the opportunity to show their skills against the best at their level and allow professional and minor league scouts more access to top players in America. Sponsored by 360 Sports Management.

Stepping Stone

Since 1996, the All-American Bowl has become a showcase for Division II/III & Free Agent players looking to earn a spot on a Minor League, Arena, European and NFL roster. A couple of past players who have gone on to play in the professional ranks:
St. Cloud State University Running Back: Keith Williams, played in the 1997 All-Americann Bowl then signed with the Barcelona Dragons, then got a try-out with the Green Bay Packers and played for the Iowa Barnstormers and the New York Gladiators.

St. Thomas University Quarterback: Chris Esterley, a 1998 All-American Bowl participant, played in Sweden for 2 years capturing a league title. He is one of the country’s top ranked passer with the Minnesota Maulers, the 2002 national minor league runner-up and Mid-America Football League Champions.

Universtiy of South Dakota Kicker: Steve Opstad, went on to kick for the Iowa Bainstormers.

Over the years, sixty-seven players have signed free agent contracts with professional teams in NFL/World League, European League, and the Arena Football League.

Player Selection

The two 36-man rosters are made up each year of seniors from Division II/III and free agents around the upper Midwest and the nation. Seniors and free agents named to their respective conference and team all-stars lists are invited to the All-American Bowl first, the remainder of the roster is filled based on recommendations from Division II/III and Minor League head coaches around America.

Past Games

Semi-Pro Bowl Minneapolis
DII/III All-American Bowl – HHH Metrodome

Semi-Pro Bowl – HHH Metrodome
Ju-Co All-American Bowl – HHH Metrodome
DII/III All-American Bowl – HHH Metrodome
DII/III All-American Bowl – Orange Bowl, Miami
High School All-American Bowl – Minneapolis

Semi-Pro Bowl – HHH Metrodome
DII/III All-American Bowl – HHH Metrodome
Juco All-American Bowl – HHH Metrodome
DII/III All-American Bowl – Orange Bowl, Miami

Semi-Pro/DII/III All-American Bowl – HHH Metrodome
Juco All-American Bowl – HHH Metrodome
Semi-Pro/DII/III All-American Bowl – Daytona Beach
Semi-Pro/DII/III All-American Bowl – Tropical Park, Miami

WPFL All-Star Game – Miami Super Bowl
Juco All-American Bowl – Las Vegas
Semi-Pro/DII/III All-American Bowl – HHH Metrodome

WPFL All-Star Game – Atlanta Super Bowl
Semi-Pro/DII/III All-American Bowl – Midway Stadium

Division II & III / Free Agent All-American Bowl – HHH Metrodome, Minneapolis

Division II & III / Free Agent All-American Bowl – HHH Metrodome, Minneapolis
Stars 21, Stripes 24

Division II & III / Free Agent All-American Bowl – HHH Metrodome, Minneapolis
Stars 28, Stripes 10
Division II & III / Free Agent All-American Bowl – HHH Metrodome, Minneapolis
Stars 16, Stripes 13
Division II & III / Free Agent All-American Bowl – Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas, Nevada

Division II & III / Free Agent All-American Bowl – Metrodome, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Stars, Stripes

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